Battery Capacity Meter and Voltage Checker | 2-7s

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Compatible with Lipo, Life, Li-Ion, NiCD and NiMh batteries between 2-7 cells. This compact meter will display battery capacity, per cell voltage, voltage difference between cells as well as minimum and maximum cell voltage. Very compact and portable and a must in the field to determine the condition and charge state of any battery.

Battery capacity, per cell voltage, lowest cell and highest cell voltage are only available with Lithium based batteries (Lipo, LiFe, Li-Ion). When used with NiCD and NiMh batteries only the total voltage will be displayed.


Lipo, LiFe and Lilo Cell Count: 2-7
Lipo, Life and Lilo max voltage: 30v
Lipo, Life and Lilo min voltage: 6v
NiMh and NiCD Cell Count: 2-7
NiMh and NiCD Max Voltage: 12v
Voltage Resolution: 0.001v
Size: 84 x 50 x 17
Weight: 45g


Barcode # 2000000003245
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty