Voltage, Current, Energy and Wattage LCD Combo Meter 0-100a 6.5-100v

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LCD Panel meter that will display voltage (V), current (A), energy (Wh) and power (W) in an all in one unit. Ideal for campervans, battery banks and much more.

Package includes the panel meter, basic instruction and wiring diagram as well as 100a shunt.


Meter will measure and display voltage (V), current (A), energy (Wh) and power (W)
Backlight LCD
Reset function to reset Power reading (Wh)
Alarm functionality


Operating Voltage: 6.5-100v DC
Voltage Resolution: 0.1v
Max Current: 0-100a / 1000w
Current Resolution: 0.1a
Accuracy: Class 1
Screen Size: 53 x 32mm
Cut Out Hole Size: 85 x 45mm


Barcode # 9320000000000
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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