Bosch 10.5v 1500mah Li-Ion Compatible Power Tool Battery

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Aftermarket power tool battery to suit 10.5v Bosch power tool. Suitable for selected models as listed. This is an aftermarket product compatible with the original.

Compatible Model:

FL10, GLI 10.8 V-LI, GMF 10.8 V-LI, GOS 10.8 V-LI, GSA 10.8 V-LI, GSC 10.8 V-LI, GSL 2,GUS 10.8 V-LI, GWB 10.8-LI, GWI 10.8 V-Li, CLPK30-120, CLPK31-120, CLPK40-120, CLPK41-120, CLPK50-120, GDR 10.8 V-LI, GDR 10.8-LI, GOP 10.8 V, GOP 10.8 V-LI, GSB 10.8-2-LI, GSB 10.8-2-LIH, GSR 10.8 V-LI-2, GSR 10.8 V-LI2, GSR 10.8 V-LIQ, GSR 10.8 V-Li, GSR 10.8-2-LI, GSR 10.8-LI, PS10-2, PS10-2A, PS20-2, PS20-2A, PS20B, PS21-2A, PS30-2A, PS30B, PS31-2A, PS40, PS40-2, PS40-2A,PS40B, PS41-2A, PS50-2A, PS50-2B,PS50B, PS60, PS60-102, PS60-2A, PS70, PS70-2A, D-70745, D70745, 70745

Compatible Battery:

2 607 336 013, 2 607 336 014, 2 607 336 333, BAT411, BAT411A, BAT412A, BAT413A


Voltage: 10.8v
Capacity: 1500mAh / 16.20Wh
Dimensions: 84.40 x 46.66 x 50.68 mm
Chemistry: Li-ion
Brand: Generic

Please Note:

This is a lithium based aftermarket power tool battery and should only be charged using a power tool battery charger that is compatible with Lithium (Li-ion / LiFePO4) batteries. Failure to do so may damage the battery and will impact the warranty. Please ensure your battery charger is compatible with Lithium batteries before ordering this product.


SKU BP10815A
Barcode # 4894128059745
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty