USB Powered NiCD and NiMh Compact Charger

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USB buss powered NiMh and NiCD battery charger. Charger works of any device with USB power. Such as laptops, desktop computers or conventional USB chargers. Charger has two charge bays. Capable of charging either AA or AAA sized batteries.

Features include a protective cap for when not in use and LED charge indicator display when in charge mode.


Battery Types: 1-2 AA or AAA NiCD/NiMh cells
Powered By: USB power
Dimensions: 34mm x 19.5mm x 86mm
Weight: 17g

Charge Times:

2700mAh AA NiMh 19 hours
2500mAh AA NiMh 18 hours
2300mAh AA NiMh 16 hours
2000mAh AA NiMh 14 hours
1000mAh AAA NiMh 7 hours
800mAh AAA NiMh 6 hours


Barcode # 080558101121
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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