Universal Battery Charger For Ryobi Power Tools (ACMT)

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For Ryobi 12v Li-Ion Slot-In Batteries For Ryobi 12v Li-Ion Slot-In Batteries
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For Ryobi 12v-18v NiMH or NiCD Batteries For Ryobi 12v-18v NiMH or NiCD Batteries
In stock
For Ryobi 14.4v-18v Li-Ion NiMH or NiCD Stalk Batteries For Ryobi 14.4v-18v Li-Ion NiMH or NiCD Stalk Batteries
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Universal power tool battery charger to suit most Ryobi Power tools. The package consists of a universal battery charger base and your choice of compatible Ryobi Power Tool battery plate. The plate slots into the universal base and will allow you to charge your genuine and aftermarket Ryobi power tool batteries.

This unique universal battery charging solution allows for one base charging unit and multiple charging plates to suit a wide variety of power tool batteries makes and models. The charging unit features two 2.1a USB ports to allow charging of smartphones and handheld electronic devices at the same time!

We currently offer plates to suit most Ryobi batteries. Mr Positive carries interchangeable battery plates for other branded power tools and they are available separately.

Select your choice of Ryobi option before adding item to cart.


Short circuit protection
Reverse polarity protection
Over temperature protection
Max 2.5 hour charging limit protection
Low voltage slow charge safety protection
LED state indicator
Dual USB socket for charging handheld devices including tablets


Input Power: 100-240v AC, 50-60HZ, 1.2a, 70w
Output Power Charging Plate: 7.2v-36v DC 1.3a
Output Power USB: 2 x 5v 2.1a
Suitable For: Ryobi Power Tool Batteries

Please Note:

This product is a package consisting of our Universal Battery Charger Base (Mr Positive Part Number: ACTME01, Model Number: ACMT) and an interchangeable plate to suit listed power tool battery make and model.

Once you have selected the option that matches your specific power tool battery and added this to your cart, our shopping cart and the final Mr Positive invoice will reflect two separate components that make up the power tool charger. This will include the universal base and the specific plate that matches your power tool.


Model # ACMT
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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