Stannol Contact Soldering Paste (50gm)

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The Stannol Contact Soldering Paste is a preparation of activated colophonium resin in mineral fats. Stannol Contact Soldering Paste is a flux for general soldering and is preferably used for soldering of copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys and is suitable for applications in electrical engineering. Some application examples are: cable tinning, soldering of connections and shields and repair of leads. Removing flux residues is not necessary as these are not corrosive.

The solder joints should be clean and free from surface layers, grind if necessary. Apply Stannol Contact Soldering Paste on the metal to be soldered. Heat the solder joint with a suitable device (e.g. soldering iron) and supply soldering tin. The temperature of the solder joints should be at least 50 degrees above the melting point (melting range) of the solder. Appropriate soldering tins are leaded solders such as Sn60Pb40, Pb70Sn30 and leadfree solders such as Sn99Cu1, Sn96Ag4. Flux residues must be removed for applications in the electronics field. Stannol Contact Soldering Paste is not suitable for fresh water and tap water pipes.


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