Sony Replacement NP-33 Digital Camera Battery

Pre-order - Released 8 July 2022
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Excludes DG or bulk items (flooded or large lead acid batteries, large panels and generators).

Sony compatible digital camera battery. Mr Positive carries a wide range of aftermarket digital camera batteries compatible with all major brands. These products all carry NZ warranty. More info on specific warranty can be viewed on the warranty tab of the product page.

Compatible With:

AKAI BPN300, AKAI BPN350, AKAI C20, AKAI PVC20E, AKAI PVC40, AKAI PVC40E, AKAI PVC500E, AKAI PVM2, AKAI PVM4, AKAI PVMS8, AKAI PVSC20, AKAI PVSC40, Sony 10D, Sony 2006I, Sony 20K, Sony BT70, Sony CCD20061, Sony CCD-20061, Sony CCD2006I, Sony CCD330E, Sony CCD-335E, Sony CCD35, Sony CCD-35, Sony CCD-366BR, Sony CCD380, Sony CCD-380, Sony CCD390, Sony CCD-390, Sony CCD400, Sony CCD-400, Sony CCD401, Sony CCD45, Sony CCD45E, Sony CCD45WH, Sony CCD-50E, Sony CCD-550, Sony CCD850, Sony CCD-850, Sony CCDEB55, Sony CCD-EB55, Sony CCDEVGX10, Sony CCDF, Sony CCD-F1330, Sony CCDF150, Sony CCD-F150, Sony CCDF201, Sony CCD-F201, Sony CCDF250, Sony CCD-F250, Sony CCDF250E, Sony CCDF280, Sony CCD-F280, Sony CCDF288BR, Sony CCD-F288BR, Sony CCDF28B, Sony CCDF30, Sony CCD-F30, Sony CCDF300, Sony CCD-F300, Sony CCDF301, Sony CCD-F301, Sony CCDF302, Sony CCD-F302, Sony CCDF31, Sony CCD-F31, Sony CCDF32, Sony CCDF33, Sony CCD-F33, Sony CCDF330, Sony CCD-F330, Sony CCDF330E, Sony CCDF334, Sony CCDF334E, Sony CCDF335, Sony CCD-F335, Sony CCDF335E, Sony CCDF34, Sony CCD-F34, Sony CCDF340, Sony CCD-F340, Sony CCDF340E, Sony CCDF35, Sony CCD-F35, Sony CCDF350, Sony CCD-F350, Sony CCDF350E, Sony CCD-F350E, Sony CCDF355, Sony CCDF355E, Sony CCD-F355E, Sony CCDF36, Sony CCD-F36, Sony CCDF360, Sony CCD-F360, Sony CCDF360BR, Sony CCD-F365, Sony CCDF370, Sony CCDF370E, Sony CCDF375, Sony CCDF375E, Sony CCD-F375E, Sony CCDF38, Sony CCD-F38, Sony CCDF380, Sony CCD-F380, Sony CCDF380E, Sony CCDF385, Sony CCD-F385E, Sony CCDF388BR, Sony CCD-F388BR, Sony CCDF390, Sony CCDF390E, Sony CCD-F390E, Sony CCDF40, Sony CCD-F40, Sony CCDF401, Sony CCD-F401, Sony CCDF402, Sony CCDF45, Sony CCD-F45, Sony CCDF450, Sony CCD-F450, Sony CCDF450E, Sony CCD-F450E, Sony CCDF455, Sony CCDF455E, Sony CCD-F455E, Sony CCDF46, Sony CCD-F46, Sony CCDF475, Sony CCD-F475, Sony CCDF50, Sony CCD-F50, Sony CCDF500, Sony CCD-F500, Sony CCDF500E, Sony CCD-F500E, Sony CCDF501, Sony CCD-F501, Sony CCDF55, Sony CCD-F55, Sony 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CCDFX420, Sony CCD-FX420, Sony CCD-FX425, Sony CCDFX430, Sony CCD-FX430, Sony CCD-FX435, Sony CCD-FX470, Sony CCDFX500, Sony CCD-FX500, Sony CCDFX500E, Sony CCDFX510, Sony CCD-FX510, Sony CCDFX510E, Sony CCD-FX510E, Sony CCDFX511, Sony CCD-FX511, Sony CCDFX520, Sony CCD-FX520, Sony CCD-FX525, Sony CCDFX530, Sony CCD-FX530, Sony CCDFX600, Sony CCD-FX600, Sony CCDFX620, Sony CCD-FX620, Sony CCDFX630, Sony CCD-FX630, Sony CCDFX640, Sony CCD-FX640, Sony CCDFX700, Sony CCD-FX700, Sony CCDFX700E, Sony CCDFX710, Sony CCD-FX710, Sony CCD-FX720, Sony CCDFX730, Sony CCDFX730V, Sony CCD-FX730V, Sony CCD-FX810, Sony CCDFX830V, Sony CCDFX830VE, Sony CCD-FX830VE, Sony CCDG100ST, Sony CCD-G100ST, Sony CCDGV200, Sony CCD-GV200, Sony CCDGV300, Sony CCDGV500, Sony CCDGV8, Sony CCDGV9, Sony CCDGV9E, Sony CCDM10, Sony CCDM7, Sony CCDM77, Sony CCD-M77, Sony CCDM7U, Sony CCD-M7U, Sony CCDM7V, Sony CCD-M7V, Sony CCDM8, Sony CCDM9, Sony CCDMV7V, Sony CCD-SC6E, Sony CCDSP5, Sony CCD-SP5, Sony CCDSP54, Sony 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VM550, Sony VM58, Sony VM641, Sony VM661, Sony VM681, Sony VM741, Sony VM75, Sony VM78, Sony VM88, Sony VM90, Sony VM941, Sony VM991L

Compatible Battery

NP-33, NP-55, NP-66, NP-66H, NP-68, NP-77, NP-98


Voltage: 6.0v
Capacity: 2000mah
Chemistry: Ni-MH


Barcode # 4894128003922
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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