Ritar 6v 7ahr AGM Lead Acid Battery

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Ritar RT series of AGM batteries are ideally suited for standby applications. The RT series offers reliable standby service life and is ideally suited for UPS, EPS, Computing, Telecommunications and general standby applications.


Voltage: 6v
Capacity (20hr): 8ahr
Dimensions: 151 (L) x 34 (W) x 94 (H)
Weight: 1.2kg
Terminal: Faston Tab 187 (F1)
Type: AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Image is only used as a reference. Please check specifications, model number and datasheet for more about this product.

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # RT680
Barcode # 2000000003221


Ritar SLA batteries are covered by manufacturer warranty. The warranty length varies and depends on application.

- Standby Use (UPS) 12 months
- Fire and Security 12 months
- Cyclic (Scooter, EV etc) 3 months
- Cyclic (Marine) 3 months

The warranty is void if damage is due to:

- Excessive discharging of a non-cyclic battery.
- Incorrect charging practices or using incorrect battery charger to match battery type.
- Excessive heat damage.
- Excessive load placed on small capacity battery.
- The battery being used for purposes other than what it is clearly labelled and designed for.

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