Projecta Intellicharge IC5000L Lithium 12v 50a LiFEPO4 Battery Charger

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Projecta has built on its very popular premium Intellicharge series with a new set of Intellicharge models that are specifically suited for LiFEPO4 (lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries.

With their massive weight savings, deeper state of charge and higher number of cycles, LiFEPO4 batteries are increasingly being used in Automotive, Marine and Campervans. Now there is a reliable charging solution from one of the industries leaders to protect and maintain your investment!
Projecta Intelli-Charge Lithium range, the batteries will provide longer life, better power density, faster charge times, greater discharge capabilities and are inherently safer.


Adjustable charge current for optimum power to match batteries being charged.
Power supply mode that delivers 13.8v constant power to power DC based appliances.
Removable battery clamps for hard wiring or permanent installations.
Specifically designed for LiFEPO4 Batteries.
Spark free and polarity protected.
Includes wired remote control for out of sight charger mounting.


Type: 5 Stage Automatic
Input" 240v AC, 40hz, 820w
Output: 12v
Output Current: 2a / 6a / 12a / 25a / 50a
Minimum Start Voltage: 1.0v
Back Drain: Charger 1mA. With Remote 2mA
Approvals: Electrical Safety EMC
Charge Voltage: 14.5v
Float: 13.5v
Battery Sizes: 4-500ahr


Model # IC5000L
Barcode # 9315219010032


24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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