Projecta 12v / 24v 20amp 3 Stage Solar Controller

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Projecta's Solar Controllers will protect the battery from solar over charge and (night) solar discharge. Providing stable regulated voltage to the battery at all times and monitoring the batteries state of charge. Projecta SC320 Controller employs 3 stage automatic charging technology and features built in temperature sensor that will adjust output guaranteeing a thorough battery charge in all conditions.

Projecta SC320 includes low voltage disconnect (LVD) circuitry. Disconnecting the DC load before the battery voltage falls too low, preventing damage due to over discharging. The Projecta SC320 is compatible with Projecta solar controller LCD remote and is also available with remote included in a separate package.


Type: Automatic (3 Stage)
Input: 12v or 24v Solar panel
Max Input Voltage: 50v, 20a
Max Load Current: 20a
Battery Voltage: 12v or 24v
Bulk Charging Voltage: 14.4v (12v Battery), 28.2v (24v Battery)
Absorption Charging Voltage: 14.4v (12v Battery), 28.2v (24v Battery)
Float Charge Voltage: 13.6v (12v Battery), 27.2v (24v Battery)
Start Voltage: 11.1v (12v Battery), 22.2v (24v Battery)
LVD Disconnect: 11.1v (12v Battery), 22.2v (24v Battery)
LVD Reconnect: 12.6v (12v Battery), 25.2v (24v Battery)
Max Solar Panel Size: 240w
Standby Current: 6mA


Model # SC320
Barcode # 9315219320216


24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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