PowerTrain 12v 20a General Lead Acid Battery Charger with PSU Mode

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Introducing PowerTrain's PTC12V20AL, the perfect solution for charging all 12v lead-acid anatomy batteries. With a powerfull 20A output power and a comprehensive 7-stage charging process, it's the ultimate charging companion for garages, fleet management, and automotive enthusiasts at home.

This versatile charger is compatible with modern lead-acid anatomy batteries commonly found in standard passenger vehicles, 4x4s, Utes, Vans, and light (12v) trucks.

But here's where the PTC12V20AL truly stands out: it's not just a charger, it's a power source. With a substantial 20A (approximately 375W) power output in normal power supply mode, you can effortlessly power your 12v appliances or our range of DC-powered RC hobby chargers.

You might wonder, "Can't any 12v battery charger do that?" The answer is no. Most battery chargers have dynamically changing output voltages that depend on the charge state of the connected battery. As a result, you can't rely on them for stable, regulated power, especially when using advanced multistage computerised chargers.

However, with the PTC12V20AL, it's as simple as pressing the mode button twice, and it transforms into a high-powered 12v power supply!

One more thing that sets this charger apart is its zero-volt charging function. It goes the extra mile by attempting to charge or recondition even severely depleted or old batteries. Conventional chargers won't provide charge power to a battery with very low voltage, but the zero-volt charge function extends a lifeline for batteries below normal charging voltage. Please note that it won't revive damaged lead-acid batteries; its purpose is to provide an additional recovery option.

With an integrated large LED display, you'll always be in the know about the charging status, voltage, and current output. Get the PowerTrain PTC12V20AL and experience the power of precision charging and versatile power supply in one package!


Fully automatic 7 stage charging system
Compatible with GEL, Lead Acid, AGM, Maintenance Free Calcium (via model button)
Large easy to read LED display
Zero volt battery charging
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit protection
Over voltage, overcurrent protection
12v battery only
Not suitable for lithium batteries
12v power supply mode. Simple press the mode button twice!


Input Voltage: 175-225v AC 50Hz
Output Voltage: 12v 375w
Output Current: 20a (MAX)
Start Voltage: Zero Volt
Battery Size: up to 1100cca / 300ahr
Waterproof Rating: None. Indoor use only
Charge Stages: Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk, Absorption, Analysis, Boost and Maintenance


SKU PT12v20V2
Model # PTC12V20AL
Barcode # 2000000008943

Power Train

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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