PCB Small Item Holder with 2 Clips

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Essential for holding small items, soldering or PCB work. This model is a more compact model than the 3 clip version we also carry. Featuring two universally adjustable crocodile style clips. These can be moved and tightened in literally any position.

Remove frustration when soldering or working on electrical projects by bringing in a third hand to help. Soldering wires together is no longer a choir that end sup in a big ball of mess.

Every DIY workbench should have one of these and at the price why not!


Dimension Details: Base
Length: 52.0mm
Width: 52.0mm
Height: 55.0mm
Weight: 300.0g
Tool Type: Vice
Hand Tool Composition: Metal
Dimensions Details: Alligator Clip
Length: 60.0mm
Dimension Details: Main Boom Arm
Length: 120.0mm


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty