Panasonic C Size Alkaline Battery (2 Pack)

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Panasonic Alkaline is the pinnacle of alkaline technology. Providing the prefect price versus quality ratio. Alkaline chemistry for superior reliability and longer lasting. Suitable for general portable electronics around the home or office.

In conventional batteries, contact resistance on the terminals can build up and cause the nickel layer to partially peel off and the battery to fail. Triple Tough Coating solves this with an iron/nickel-plated alloy on the positive and negative terminals of the Alkaline C Size batteries. Resulting in an enhanced energy flow and longer life.

You can depend on Panasonic Alkaline C Size batteries to retain their power and performance in storage. Panasonic high quality materials prevent degradation. While anti-leak protection minimises the chance of leakage. Store batteries safely for up top 7 years! Ideal solution for the household emergency pack.


Voltage: 1.2v
Capacity: N/A
Battery Size: C Size
Chemistry: Alkaline
Brand: Panasonic
Packaging: Double blister pack


Model # LR14T/2B
Barcode # 4984824089150


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