Where is Your Phone Number?

After repeated feedback from our customers regarding how hard it is to get through on the phone, we have had to review our customer service channels, including our main phone.

In this process, we reviewed approximately 6 weeks of our general sales phone line call notes.

What we discovered was that only a very small percent (3%) of our calls were from ultimate Mr Positive shoppers and or customers. Naturally, in consumer electronics, products can fail, and a very small number of customers need to call with warranty or general support questions. What we discovered was that this was a very small percentage of the overall calls our sales representatives manage on a daily basis.

An overwhelming number of these calls were for request of products or services we don't provide.

Based on these findings, and after listening to feedback, we have decided to remove our main phone number from the website so that we can re-focus our resources. With the sole aim of improving current service to our key audience group and or customers.

How Will This Affect You?

Whether you prefer to come into our Auckland showroom or shop online, nothing has changed.

Your order will almost always arrive within 24 hours (unless specified for the particular product in real-time on our website). You can place your order online, pay by either credit card, PayPal or standard bank deposit. You can view any product, at any point or contact us by email if you need help. Tracking details are emailed when an item is shipped. Same as always. Also, worth mentioning that if you really need to get in touch by phone, our number is listed on your Mr Positive invoice.

Do You Need to Talk to Someone Before You Shop to Be Sure We are Legit?

We have been operating for 10 years and have 10,000+ customers. If you have an issue with your order, our number is on your invoice. You can also email us using our contact form. Or just pop in!

Still not convinced? Have a look at our 1000+ customer reviews. Accessible by clicking the review tab on any page. These reviews are ALL from previous Mr Positive customers who have actually placed an order.

Calling to Sell SEO Services?

Do you need our phone number so that you can call us to sell Search Engine Optimisation type services?

Well, let's just call that a happy coincidence!

Overseas Factory Looking for NZ Distributor?

Have you developed an amazing USB power bank that is the shape of a violin, can jump start a V8 engine and doubles as a perfume bottle that you think our customers would like to buy?

They don't.

Existing Customers!

Our phone number is on your Mr Positive invoice. Or email us. Or log into your account and lodge a warranty and or return. Or just repeat "Mr Positive, Mr Positive, Mr Positive" 143 times while balancing on you left foot and one of our sales reps will call you back.