Optima D31A Yellow Top 12v 900ccA Spiralcell AGM Lead Acid Battery

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12v 900ccA 75AH Spiralcell high performance AGM Lead Acid Battery. Optima Spiralcell takes AGM technology to a whole new level. Made from 99.9% pure virgin lead, pound for pound Optima's performance is unmatched. This purity means fewer contaminants, lower internal gassing and much much longer battery life, with unmatched performance!

Optima Yellow top batteries have been designed from the ground up for high performance 4WD's. They can cope with more vibration and harsher conditions of 4WD applications. Marrying the best of superior cranking power with deep cycle characteristics.


Model: D31A
Part Number: 8051-187
Voltage: 12v
CCA: 900ccA
MCA: 1125ccA
A/Hrs: 75AH
Length: 325
Width: 165
Weight: 28kg
Terminals: Top Standard
Assembly: + -

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


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Model # 8051-187
Barcode # 4016987113585


24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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