Olympus LI-50B Compatible Digital Camera Battery

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Aftermarket digital camera battery compatible with Olympus, Pentax, Kodak and Casio Digital Cameras. Aftermarket generic product compatible with the original.

All of Mr Positive aftermarket digital camera batteries carry a 12 month local warranty.

Compatible Model:


Exilim EX-TR10, Exilim EX-TR100, Exilim EX-TR10BE, Exilim EX-TR10SP, Exilim EX-TR10WE, Exilim EX-TR15, Exilim EX-TR150, Exilim EX-TR15BK, Exilim EX-TR15VP, Exilim EX-TR15WE, Exilim EX-TR200, Exilim EX-TR300, Exilim EX-TR35, Exilim EX-TR350, Exilim EX-TR350s, Exilim EX-TR500, Exilim EX-TR550, Exilim EX-TR600,


PixPro FZ151, PixPro FZ201, PixPro SL10 Smart Lens, PixPro SL25 Smart Lens, PixPro SPZ1,


D-750, D-755, D-760, LS-100, mju 1010, mju 1020, mju 1030 sw, Mju 740, Mju 750, Mju 760, mju 9000, mju 9010, mju Tough-6000, mju Tough-6010, mju Tough-6020, mju Tough-8000, mju Tough-8010, SH-21, SH-25MR, SP-720UZ, SP-800, SP-800 UZ, SP-800UZ, SP-810 UZ, SP-810UZ, SP-815UZ, Stylus 1010, Stylus 1030SW, Stylus 9000, Stylus TOUGH-6000, Stylus TOUGH-8000, Stylus-9000, SZ-10, SZ-11, SZ-12, SZ-14, SZ-15, SZ-16, SZ-20, SZ-25MR, SZ-30MR, SZ-31MR, SZ-31MR iHS, TG-2, TG-620, TG-630, TG-810, TG-820, TG-820 iHS, TG-830, TG-835, TG-850, Tough 6000, Tough 8000, Tough 8010, Tough TG-610, Tough TG-620, Tough TG-620 his, Tough TG-810, Tough TG-820, Traveller SH-21, Traveller SH-25MR, u 1010, u 1020, u 1030SW, u 730, u 740, u 750, u 760, u 9000, u TOUGH-6000, u TOUGH-6010, u TOUGH-6020, u TOUGH-8000, u TOUGH-8010, U1010, U1020, U1030, u9000, u-9010, VG-170, VH-410, VH-5, VH-510, VH-520, VR-340, VR-340 Kit, VR-350, VR-360, VR-360 Kit, XZ-1, XZ-10,


Megazoom X70, Optio I-10, Optio RZ10, Optio RZ10 BLACK, Optio RZ10 LIME, Optio RZ10 VIOLET, Optio RZ10 WHITE, Optio RZ18, Optio WG1, Optio WG-1, Optio WG-1 GPS, Optio WG-2, Optio WG-2 GPS, Optio X70, WG-10, WG-3, WG-3 GPS, X70,


CX3, CX4, CX5, CX6, HZ15, PX, Theta 360, Theta 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera, WG-2, WG-20, WG-4, WG-4 GPS, WG-5 GPS,

Compatible Battery:

NP-150, LI-50B, DB-100 LB-050


Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 800mah
Dimensions: 39.65 x 37.96 x 6.62
Chemistry: Li-ion
Brand: Generic


Barcode # 4894128021490
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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