NAPA AXD31-950S 12v 950cca AGM Heavy Duty Battery

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NAPA Heavy Duty AGM batteries are a range of premium batteries incorporating Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology and robust positive plates that combine to deliver superior starting power, extreme cycle life and discharge capability,


Absorbed glass mat (AGM) separator for enhanced endurance and vibration resistance.
Superior strength and durability for commercial conditions.
Specialty plate design to reduce self-discharge and water loss.
Semi-cycling performance for on-board accessories.


Battery Voltage: 12v
Capacity (20h): 100ahr
CCA: 950cca
Length: 332mm
Width: 172mm
Height: 210mm
Total Height: 231mm
Weight: 27.4 KG
Polarity: H (as in second image)
Terminal Type: TH (as in second image)
Battery Type: AGM

Please Note:

The main image for this battery is used only as a reference. The actual case colour and shape may vary. Please check description and additional images for full dimensions and terminal details.


Model # AXD31-950S NAPA
Barcode # 9415951010489


This model NAPA battery has an 24 month manufacturer warranty.

The warranty as set out by NAPA NZ does not cover:

  • Physical damage or impact damage
  • Improper charging
  • Improper storage
  • Incorrect installation
  • Incorrect application
  • Modifications made to the battery
  • Failure from using incorrect fluids

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