Morningstar ProStar 12v/24v 30a PWM LCD Solar Controller

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Morningstar ProStar is regarded as the world's leading mid-range solar controller for both professional and consumer applications. Morningstar's second generation ProStar PWM solar controllers set new standards for reliability with their new innovative self-diagnostic circuitry and system design. Adopting 100% solid state innovation and low voltage disconnect a standard, the ProStar is the ultimate set and forget do it right the first time solar controller!

ProStar Solar controllers are compatible with Gel, Sealed (AGM) and standard flooded lead acid batteries and can be combined in parallel to provide up to 300a of power.

ProStar range of solar controllers are available for 12-48v systems with varying maximum current ratings as well as with LCD display or optional external LCD meter.

Our range of ProStar solar controllers offer 24 month manufacturer warranty.


Rated Solar Current: 30a
Rated Load Current: 30a
System Voltage: 12/24v
Digital Meter: Yes
Positive Ground: Yes
Remote Temp Probe: Yes

Battery Voltage Set Points:

Regulation Voltage GEL: 14.0v
Float Voltage GEL: 13.7v
Equalisation Voltage GEL: n/a
Load Disconnect GEL: 11.4v
Load Reconnect GEL: 12.6v

Regulation Voltage Sealed: 14.15v
Float Voltage Sealed: 13.7v
Equalisation Voltage Sealed: 14.35v
Load Disconnect Sealed: 11.4v
Load Reconnect Sealed: 12.6v

Regulation Voltage Flooded: 14.4v
Float Voltage Flooded: 13.7v
Equalisation Voltage Flooded: 14.9/15.1
Load Disconnect Flooded: 11.4
Load Reconnect Flooded:12.6

Note: values are for 12V. Use 2X for 24V and 4X for 48V

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


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Model # PS-30M
Barcode # 2000000007748


5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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