Long Life Low Noise Mag Lev Bearing Fan 90mm

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Featuring a patented Nanoflux bearing that incorporates magnetic levitation technology and precise manufacturing, these premium quality fans ensure an extremely long operational life of 100,000hrs at 40°C (even longer at 25°C). The unique self-lubricating maglev bearing design offers extremely long life, extremely low noise levels compared to traditional ball bearings, and also offers the ability for the UV light reactive fan impeller to be removed for cleaning. Dust and water proof to IP54 , these fans are sure to last even in harsh conditions.


Starting voltage 5VDC
Bearings Nanoflux magnetic levitation
Impellers UV reactive polycarbonate
Connections Flylead with 3 pin molex


Length : 92.0mm
Width : 92.0mm
Depth : 25.0mm
DC Voltage : 12.0V, 12.0V
DC Current Draw : 180.0mA
type of fan : Axial
fan air volume cubic metres : 1.13m³/min
fan air colume cubic feet : 39.8ft³/min
fan RPM : 2000.0RPM
fan noise : 22.5dB
fan bearing type : Magnetic Levitation
fan housing material : Polycarbonate
fan impeller material : Polycarbonate
Fan Operational Life at 25°C : 100000.0hr
fan number of wires : 3.0pc
fan connector type : Flyleads
Tachometer Output : true


Barcode # 9319236967331
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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