Internal PCB 100w Universal Battery Charging Module

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Excludes DG or bulk items (flooded or large lead acid batteries, large panels and generators).

Excellent charging solution for DIY applications, custom installations, prototyping and much more. These charging modules are compatible with any type of battery chemistry and can be customised to suit your end application by our engineers. The pre-programming includes charge current, charging voltage (based on type of battery), number of cells, constant current, constant voltage, pre-conditioning, float charging, charge termination method and much more.

They can be built into your project or even custom battery packs! Use your own power supply to power these units or chose a suitable power supply from one of Mr Positives large range.


Input Voltage: 10-75v
Output Voltage: 0.8v - 50v
Max Rated Power: 100w
Li-Ion / Lipo Cell Count: 1-12 cells in series (set at 4.2v per cell)
LiFePO4 Cell Count: 1-14 Cells in series
NiMH and NiCD Cell Count: 30 cells in series (set at 1.85v per cell)
Lead Acid Cell Count: 1-20 cells in series (set at 2.45v per cell)
Output Current: Max 5a (output current will decrease if unit temp above 75 degrees)
Dimensions: 80 (L) x 61 (W) x 14.5 (H) mm
Weight: 140g
Voltage Accuracy: < 1%
Voltage Limit 4.2v per cell +/- 1%
Current Accuracy: < 5%
Tolerance On Timing: +/- 5%
Internal Temp Accuracy: < 1%. Resolution 0.01 Degrees Celsius
External Temp Accuracy: < 1 Degrees Celsius

Led Pattern Routine:

Traffic Light (Red-Orange-Green): System reset. Occurs at power up and battery connection
Slow Orange Blink: System waiting. Battery Disconnect
Solid Orange: Constant Current Phase
Orange with Green Blink: Constant Voltage Phase
Solid Green: Charge Complete. Float Charge (If Programmed)


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty