Indrean 14.4V 3300mAh NiMH Compatible Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Battery

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Aftermarket compatible battery suitable for a variety of popular automatic robotic vacuum cleaners. Including popular brands like Indrean, MyGenie, XRobot.

Aftermarket variety compatible with the original.

Compatible With:

INDREAN 9200, INDREAN 9300, INDREAN 9300XR, INDREAN 9700 Cleaners, INDREAN 9200 Cleaners, INDREAN 9300XR, Kaily 310A, Kaily 310E, KLARSTEIN Saugroboter, KV8 210C, KV8 210XR, MYGENIE XR210, NESTOR E.Ziclean Furtiv, NESTOR H.Koenig Swr22, POUR ASPIRATEUR Robot Autonome, ROBOT RBC003, ROBOT RBC006, ROBOT RBC009, ROBOT RBC011, ROBOT RBC012, ROBOTS JNB-XR210, ROBOTS JNB-XR210B, ROBOTS JNB-XR210C, RORELAND XR-210, SAMBA CleanTouch, SAMBA Klarstein, SAMBA R, SAMBA XR210C, TCL R1, TCL R2, TCL R3, TOPOSUN TPS-XR-210, XROBOT XR510, YOO DIGITAL Iwip 1000, YOO DIGITAL Iwip 600, ZEBOT Z320, ZECO V700


Nominal Voltage: 14.4v
Nominal capacity: 2ahr
Chemistry: NiMH


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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