Hakko FR-810B SMD Rework and Desoldering Station

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The Hakko FR-810B is a high airflow turbine powered hot air rework station. Operating with a maximum temperature of 600 Degrees Celsius and 115L per minute airflow.

The FR-810B can be used for a wide variety of boards due to its wide temperate range and airflow. High volume airflow for repairing heavy duty boards and specific airflow and or temperature when dealing with high density boards and projects.

The FR-810B feature user set presents that can be recalled to match specific projects, materials or size circuit boards. The unit also features a timer function to allow for repeating consistent work times and reduce the possibility of parts overheating.

To ensure safety and conserve power, when the hand piece is placed in the hand piece holder, the auto sleep function is activated and it starts cooling automatically.


Turbine powered
Digital SMD hot air rework station for a various kinds of boards
Maximum Temperature 600 Degrees Celsius
Maximum airflow 115L/min
Simple nozzle removal and easy maintenance
Conventional nozzles are usable via conversion adapter


Power Consumption: AC230V 1200W, AC240V 1300W
Temperature Range: 50 to 600 Degrees Celsius
Station Power Consumption: 30W
Air flow: 1-9 (5 to 115L/min)
Station Dimensions: 160(W) × 145(H) × 220(D)mm
Station Weight: 1.5kg
Hand Piece Power Consumption: AC230V 1170W, AC240V 1270W
Standard Nozzle: 4mm Diameter (No.N51-02)
Hand Piece Total length: 250mm
Hand Piece Weight: 180g


Model # FR-810B


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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