Electrolube TBS Thermal Bonding System

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Thermal Bonding Compound is a two part epoxy bonding system which utilises metal oxides to provide excellent thermal conductivity whilst being electrically insulating. It is especially useful in the manufacture of heatsink assemblies where 'piggy back' arrangements are applied and where the manufacture design of heat sinks does not allow for welding or brazing techniques to be employed due to complexity or geometry of the fins. TBS is also ideal for use as a bonding medium in surface mounting assemblies.


Two part epoxy bonding system
Very high bond strength
High thermal conductivity: 1.10 W/m.K
Eliminates need for mechanical fixing by providing a permanent bond
Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +120 Degrees Celsius
Includes glass beads for a set thickness to be applied


Model # TBS20S
Barcode # 5028356104154


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