DIY Parallel Charging Board for 2-6s Batteries with Bare Leads

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DIY parallel charge board allowing user to attach their own choice of connectors or combination of connectors. Total of 6 different connectors can be soldered to the bare ends provided. Ideal if you have a selection of batteries with different connectors. Such as large lipo batteries with high current connectors as well as smaller lipos found in toys and small scale RC models.

Board includes all compatible JST-XH sockets to allow simple one connection of both battery main connector and balance connector without the need of any additional charge cables or balance leads. This parallel has standard 4mm banana input leads and is compatible with most RC battery chargers including Mr Positive's iCharger range.

Please note that when using a parallel board to charge more than one pack at the same time, ALL the batteries MUST be the same cell count and voltage.

For example:
2 x 2s (7.4v),
or 3 x 3s (11.1v),
or 2 x 4s (14.8v),
or 5 x 2s (7.4v)


Barcode # 28274