DeWalt 18v 6000mah Li-Ion Compatible Power Tool Battery

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Aftermarket DeWalt Power Tool Battery compatible with selected DeWalt Power Tools. Revive that trusty DeWalt Cordless Drill or Power Tool with one of our high quantity replacement DeWalt batteries. This is an aftermarket product compatible with the original.

Compatible Model:

XR Li-Ion 18V, DCD740, DCD740B, DCD780, DCD780B, DCD780C2, DCD780L2, DCD785C2, DCD785L2, DCD980L2, DCD985B, DCD985L2, DCF880C1-JP, DCF883B, DCF883L2, DCF885, DCF885B, DCF885C2, DCF885L2, DCF895B, DCF895C2, DCF895L2, DCG412, DCG412B, DCG412L2, DCS331B, DCS331L1, DCS331L2, DCS331N, DCS380B, DCS380L1, DCS381, DCS391B, DCS391L1, DCS393, CL3.C18S, DCD771, DCD776, DCD785, DCD790, DCD790D2, DCD795, DCD980M2, DCD985, DCD985M2, DCD995, DCF620, DCF880, DCF880HL2, DCF880HM2, DCF880L2, DCF880M2, DCF883M2, DCF885M2, DCF886, DCF886D2, DCF886M2, DCF889, DCF889HL2, DCF889HM2, DCF889L2, DCF889M2, DCF895, DCF895D2, DCF895M2, DCF899, DCG412M2, DCH213, DCH253, DCH273, DCL040, DCN690, DCR006, DCS331, DCS331M1, DCS355, DCS373M2, DCS380, DCS380M1, DCS391, DCS391M1

Compatible Battery:

DCB180, DCB181, DCB181-XJ, DCB200, DCB201, DCB201-2, DCB182, DCB183, DCB185, DCB203, DCB204, DCD780-XE, DCB181-XE


Voltage: 18v
Capacity: 6000mAh / 108.0Wh
Dimensions: 117.6 x 73.42 x 83.20mm
Chemistry: Li-ion
Brand: Generic

Please Note:

This is a lithium based aftermarket power tool battery and should only be charged using a power tool battery charger that is compatible with Lithium (Li-ion / LiFePO4) batteries. Failure to do so may damage the battery and will impact the warranty. Please ensure your battery charger is compatible with Lithium batteries before ordering this product.


Barcode # 4894128105138
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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