CTEK Bumper 100 Protective Rubber Casing for 7a Chargers

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CTEK BUMPER 100 fits snugly around the body of your charger to protect it from bumps and scratches. Made from durable silicon rubber, the BUMPER 100 gives your charger extra grip on slippery surfaces. The Bumper 100 model is suitable for 7a chargers like the CTEK MXS MXS 7.0.


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Model # 40-058
Barcode # 7340103400585


CTEK offers 2 year manufacturer warranty on this product. Warranty will be void if:

Charger has been used with much higher current and or voltage than designed for and specified in models specifications sheet.
Clear signs of heat on any of the CTEK casing, cables or circuitry.
Used with incorrect voltage or incorrect battery types.
Visible signs of impact or water damage.
CTEK product has been opened by a non CTEK authorised engineer or agent.

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