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Specifically designed for motorcycles, Motobatt batteries are also commonly used in power sports, snowmobiles, and ATV's. They offer much higher cranking power and higher amp hour rating. These batteries are able to withstand constant starting without draining the battery or causing long term cell damage (especially useful for big twins and trial bikes).

Constructed from Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM), the batteries are completely sealed and maintenance free. No acid, no spills, no unnecessary danger. AGM based battery technology drastically increases reliability, has greater versatility, allows the batteries to be side mounted and can be shipped via standard couriers.

Motobatt's unique terminal design offers far greater versatility, allowing for multiple terminal layouts that fit a much wider range of applications. Each Motobatt battery model is a direct replacement for many individual motorcycle battery types. This makes it much easier to find a model to fit your vehicle that is in stock.

Motobatt Batteries also include height adjuster/s allowing fitments to several different models, replacing numerous conventional style batteries.