Apple MacBook Unibody 13inch Aftermarket Compatible Battery

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Aftermarket battery module to suit Apple MacBook 13inch. This is an aftermarket battery module compatible with the original.

Compatible Model:

MacBook 13", MacBook Unibody 13", MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro 17", MacBook Pro Unibody 15", MacBook Air MC234LL/A 13.3", MacBook Air MC233LL/A 13.3", MacBook Pro 13.3", MacBook Pro MC375LL/A 13.3", MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro MB985LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro MC118LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro MC373LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro MC372LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro MB133LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro MB471LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro MB134LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4", MacBook Pro 17", MacBook Pro MC024LL/A 17", MacBook Pro MC226LL/A 17", MacBook Pro MB076LL/A 17", MacBook Pro MB766LL/A 17", MacBook Pro MB604LL/A 17"

Compatible Battery:

A1331, A1342, 661-5391, 020-6580-A, 020-6582-A, 020-6809-A, 020-6810-A


Voltage: 10.95V
Capacity: mah
Chemistry: Li-Ion
Brand: Generic


Barcode # 4894128079965

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