Aftermarket V TECH 89-1341-01-00 Battery Module

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Aftermarket battery module to suit sel;ected baby monitors. This is an aftermarket product compatible with the original.

Compatible Model:

AMERICAN E30021CL, E30022CL, E30023CL, E30025CL

Compatible Battery:

AT&T BT166342, AT&T BT266342, T&T BT183342, AT&T BT283342, American LH070-2A43C2BRML1P, GP GP1210, V TECH 89-1341-01-00, V TECH CPH-515J, V TECH 23-1193, V TECH VTECH73C02, V TECH 89-1347-01-00, V TECH 89-1347-02-00, V TECH BT166342, V TECH BT266342, V TECH 89-1347-02, V TECH BT162342, V TECH BT183342, V TECH BT262342, V TECH BT283342


Voltage: 2.4v
Capacity: 700mAh/1.6Whm
Dimensions: 44.60 x 20.91 x 10.47mm
Chemistry: Ni-MH
Brand: Generic


Barcode # 4894128029601
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty