Aftermarket Black and Decker AS36LN Replacement Battery Module

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Compatible Model:

ALPINA AGS 60 Li, ATIKA GSCT 3.6, BLACK & DECKER AS36LN, BLACK & DECKER BDCS 36G, BLACK & DECKER BDCS36G, BLACK & DECKER GSL200, BLACK & DECKER KC360, BLACK & DECKER KC360LN, BLACK & DECKER KC36LN, BLACK & DECKER KC460, BLACK & DECKER KC460LN, BLACK & DECKER KC460LN-QW, BLACK & DECKER PP360, BLACK & DECKER PP360LN, BLACK & DECKER PP360LN-QW, Bosch 0600833100, Bosch 0600833102, Bosch 0600833105, Bosch 0603264600, Bosch 06032A2000, Bosch 0603968100, Bosch 0603968102, Bosch 0603977000, Bosch 0603981000, Bosch 6 LI, Bosch Ciso, Bosch DIY EasyPrune, Bosch GluePen, Bosch Grasscheren-Set Isio, Bosch Isio, Bosch ISO, Bosch IXO, Bosch IXO Mini, Bosch PKP 3, Bosch PSR Select, Bosch PSR Select 3.6, Bosch PTK 3, Bosch PTK 3.6 Li, Bosch XEO.

Compatible Battery:

ATIKA 302380, GARDENA 08800-000.640.00, GARDENA 08829-00.640.00, STEINEL 334109, STEINEL 4007841334208, WOLF GARTEN INR18650.


Voltage: 3.7v
Capacity: 2900mah
Dimensions: 66.65 x 19.5 x 18.5 mm
Chemistry: Li-ion
Brand: Generic

Please Note:

This is a lithium based aftermarket power tool battery and should only be charged using a power tool battery charger that is compatible with Lithium (Li-ion / LiFePO4) batteries. Failure to do so may damage the battery and will impact the warranty. Please ensure your battery charger is compatible with Lithium batteries before ordering this product.


Barcode # 4894128148104
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty