AC-AC 115v 500w Isolated Step Down Transformer

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Utilising dielectric isolation which Isolates the 240v input and the 115v output and provides the safest form of step down conversion. Suitable for powering (up to 115w) appliances that operate of US / EU 115v. Unit includes a manual reset protective circuit breaker switch.

Please Note:

This device has a peak power rating of 500w. Please only use US appliances / devices that have a peak power rating of less than 500w with this model step down transformer. Using an US appliance that is rated at more than 500w, may cause permanent damage to the step down transformer.


Input Voltage: 240v AC
Output Voltage: 115v AC
Rated Power: 500w / 500VA
Dimensions: 158 x 100 x 120
Weight: 6kg


SKU 500VA115V01
Barcode # 9319236851722
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty