42mm LED Festoon 3d Globe

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Many cars are now employing an electronic control system called CANBus, which can be a problem when using LED replacement globes as the system will give a globe failure indication. Being CANBus compatible, these LED globes don't cause these failure indications.

This globe features a special "3D" type of LED lamp, which provides an extremely even, wide light output that is very similar to a normal globe in style and appearance. This makes them a perfect replacement for interior lights, and automotive lamps where the light fitting has a lot of "clear" elements making other LED globes unattractive to look at. Powered by 12-16VDC, and suitable for off-road use only.


Light Rating Lumens : 120.0lm
Illuminated Colour : Cool White
Beam spread : 360.0
Standard Fitting : 41mm Festoon
Length : 41.0mm
Diameter : 11.0mm
Required Voltage : 12.0V, 16.0V


Barcode # 9319236738917
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty