4 in 1 USB Charge Cable (A/B/C)

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No more taking every USB charge cable when you go traveling only to find out you are still missing the one! This handy 4 in 1 cable combines all popular USB connectors. Reducing clutter and allowing just one cable to be packed with your portable electronics or connected to the families go to charger!


Type-C to Micro B
Type-C to Type-C
USB A to Micro B
USB A to Type-C


Lead Type : USB 2.0
Quality of lead : High Grade
Length of Lead : 1.0m
Input Type : USB Type C, USB Type A
Input Connection : Plug
Output Type : USB Type C, USB Micro Type B
Output Connection : Plug
Output Quantity : 1.0pc
Cable length : 1.0m


Barcode # 9319236750384
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty