360 Piece 24 Model Fast Blow Glass Fuse Assortment Kit

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Our all in one solution for the serious tinkerer or electronic repairer. This package consist of 360 pieces across 24 different model glass fusses. All fuses are fast blow. Never get caught out with not having the right fuse on hand again!

Includes both 5x20mm and 6x30mm glass fuses in a handy labelled case.

Package includes:

10x 0.63A 6 x 30mm
10x 1A 6 x 30mm
10x 2A 6 x 30mm
10x 3A 6 x 30mm
10x 4A 6 x 30mm
10x 5A 6 x 30mm
10x 7A 6 x 30mm
10x 8A 6 x 30mm
10x 10A 6 x 30mm
10x15A 6 x 30mm
10x 25A6 x 30mm
20x 0.5A 5 x 20mm
20x 1A 5 x 20mm
20x 2A 5 x 20mm
20x 3A 5 x 20mm
20x 4A 5 x 20mm
20x 5A 5 x 20mm
20x 6.3A 5 x 20mm
20x 7A 5 x 20mm
20x 8A 5 x 20mm
20x 10A 5 x 20mm
20x 15A 5 x 20mm
20x 20A 5 x 20mm


Barcode # 2000000009223
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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