24v 30a Low Voltage Disconnect

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Low voltage disconnect will protect and ultimately prolong the life of you battery (or battery bank) by disconnecting load when voltage of the battery reaches user set safe level. Disconnect voltage can be adjusted to 3 different presents. Ideal for caravans, motorhomes, dual battery installations and general DIY electronics.

Unit has two inputs and two outputs. Sitting in between the battery and the load and disconnecting the load when the voltage reaches safe level.


Reveres polarity, ignition protection, over voltage and short circuit protected
Selectable cut-off voltage (STD, LO, HI)
Switch on ignition protect with 5 seconds delay feature
Fully automatic with remote power On/OFF controls


Input Voltage: 24-32v DC
Output Power: 60A Max
Battery Low Cut-Off STD: 22v +/- 0.2v
Battery Low Cut-Off LO: 21v +/- 0.2v
Battery Low Cut-Off HI: 23v +/- 0.2v
Battery Reconnect: 25.6v DC +/- 0.2v
Connections: Screw Terminal
Weight: 0.30 KG
Dimensions: 93 x 70 x 45

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12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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