18650 Lithium Ion Batteries

18650 Li-Ion Batteries are the most common Li-Ion battery size used. Traditionally found in most laptop or notebook battery packs, 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries carry a nominal voltage of 3.2-3.7v (depending on Lithium type) and are larger than their AA counterparts. Based on Lithium Battery chemistry, 18650 batteries are considerably lighter than rechargeable NiMh batteries and provide much more power.

18650 batteries have been made very popular with the advent of high powered LED torches. After many years of trial and error we now only sell Panasonic 18650 Li-Ion batteries. Our Panasonic branded cells will produce their rated capacity and are regarded by many impartial online forums as the most reliable 18650 cells available today. Don’t be fooled by other brands that carry a capacity rating that is too good to be true. Many of these other brands use recycled cells and provide less than half of their rated capacity and cycle life. Ultimately needing to be replaced after less than a few weeks of use!

Contact one of our 18650 battery experts for advice on what 18650 battery is best suited for your application.

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