18650 Battery LED Capacity Testing Module

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DIY 18650 battery capacity testing module. Suitable for prototyping or for general electronic experiments. 

This unit features two 18650 slots. The left hand 18650 slot powers the module. The right hand 18650 slot is the slot that capacity and testing is done on. An additional barrel style DC 2.1mm connector is integrated into the circuit board so that an external 5-12v power supply can be used as the power source if required.


Display Accuracy: 0.1
Measurement Accuracy: 1mah
DC Power Supply Input: 5-12v DC or an 18650 cell
Standby Current: 5mA
Discharge Current: About 500mA
Load Power: 10w 8 Ohm
Dimension: 111mm x  97mm x 25mm
Weight: 93g


SKU T18650T
Barcode # 2000000007908
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty