16340 (CR123A) and ICR123A Lithium Ion Batteries

16340 (CR123A) and IRC123A Li-Ion Batteries are used in high powered LED torches as well as specialised test and measuring equipment. 16340 and ICR123A (also known as 17340, R123 and RCR123) Lithium Ion Batteries carry a nominal voltage of 3.0-3.7v and are smaller than their 18650 counterparts, using a variance of the Lithium Battery chemistry (LiCoO2). 16340 and IRC16340 batteries are considerably lighter than rechargeable NiMh batteries. Our ICR123A and 16340 products come in either single or double packs and can be used for many applications. Including LED torches, GPS devices, Digital cameras and much more

Please note these products are all rechargeable and require a dedicated Li-Ion battery charger.