Varta V303 SR44 1.55v Silver Oxide Watch Battery

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Varta quality primary silver oxide watch batteries available in all common sizes.

Compatible With:

SR44, AG13, SG13, LR44, LR154, 6135-99-792-8475, 6135-99-651-3240, A76, S76, EPX76, 157, 303, 357, 1128MP, 208-904, A-76, A613, AG14, AG-14, CA18, CA19, CR44, D76A, G13A, G13-A, GDA76, GP76A, GPA7, GPA75, GPA76, GPS76A, KA, KA76, AG76, L1154, L1154C, L1154F, L1154G, L1154H, LR44G, LR44GD, LR44H, MS76H, PX76A, PX675A, RPX675, RW82, SB-F9, V13G, 357A, LR1154, SR1154, 1166A, 1107SO, 1131SOP


Size / Model: 303
Voltage: 1.55v
Capacity: 160mah
Pack: Single Blister Pack
Height: 5.4mm
Diameter: 11.6mm
Weight: 2.3g

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # SR44


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