NiMH and NiCd Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable NiMh batteries are the most commonly used batteries that we sell. Powering most electrical devices such as; TV remotes, calculators, cordless keyboards, musical instruments, measuring equipment and more. Mr Positive carries all common NiMh rechargeable batteries. We categories our NiMh in two distinct product lines; a high quality and reliable performance driven range - targeting the enthusiast, and an economical range - targeting the user where performance isn’t crucial for the application.

Camelion D Size Rechargeable 10000mah Ni-Mh (2 Pack)
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7.2v 3600mah NiMH RC Battery Pack
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Camelion 2000mah NiCd Sub C Battery (No Tabs)
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Nikko 9.6v 700mah Flat NiMh Battery Pack
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No Name 12v 2200mah Flat NiMh Battery Pack
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