XS Power 16v Drag Racing AGM Battery

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XS Power high quality drag racing starting battery. This is specifically designed for drag racing applications with a much higher voltage than conventional automotive batteries. This battery features 8 cells instead of the normal 6 cell 12v batteries commonly used in standard passenger vehicles.

This allows a vehicles electrical load to be switched on without dropping the voltage below 14 volts. Giving the same voltage an alternator would achieve without the horsepower drain associated with an alternator.


Nominal Voltage: 16v (17v open circuit)
Weight: 13.9kg
Cranking Amps: 500
Dimensions: 260mm (L) x 171mm (W) x 183mm (H)
Reserve Capacity: 50 min at 20 Degrees Celsius


SKU S1600
Model # S1600
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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