Voltaic Arc 20w Laptop Tablet Solar Charger and Power Bank

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Excludes DG or bulk items (flooded or large lead acid batteries, large panels and generators).

Compact user-friendly solution to provide backup power for your laptops, tablets and portable electronics when on the go!

This unique package includes 20w foldable solar panel as well as a Voltaic V88 Laptop Power Bank.

Voltaic V88 Power Bank has a residual capacity of 24ahr and is compatible with most modern laptops and tablets. Unit features integrated LCD screen as well as USB-C Quick Charge functionality. Providing considerably faster charging that conventional USB for Quick Charge compatible devices.

Voltaic V88 Laptop Power Bank is also available separately on its own without the solar panel.

Ideal solution for camping, traveling, on the road sales reps and much more!

How Dows it Work

Charge the Voltaic V88 from the sun using included panel, car cigarette lighter (included) or AC power (included).
Use the V88 to charge portable electronics, tablets, smartphones and laptops when on the go!
Output voltage can be set to 12v, 16v, 19v or 24v.

Power Bank Specifications:

Capacity: 24ahr / 88.8 Watt Hours
Output Voltage USB: 5v 2a
Output Voltage USB-C: 5v 3a, 12v 6a, 16v 5a, 19v 4.5a, 24v 2.5a
Input: 14-25v 3a
Internal battery Chemistry: Lithium Polymer
Dimensions: 218mm x 137mm x 22mm
Weight: 702g
Charge Time from AC: 2.5-3 hours from included AC charger

Solar panel Specifications:

Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline
Open Circuit Voltage: 20v
Peak Voltage: 18v
Peak Current: 1.1a
Peak Power: 19.8 Watt
Open Dimensions: 860mm 255mm x 3mm
Folded Dimensions: 190mm x 255mm 20mm
Weight: 1.59 kg

Package Includes:

V88 Laptop Battery
Female cigarette lighter socket
Selection of standard laptop adaptors
V88 laptop extension cable
NZ/AU AC charger
Cigarette lighter charger


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12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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