Synergy Deep Cycle 12v 18Ahr AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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Discontinued product. No longer available. Replaced with alternative product.

This product has been replaced.

This product has now been discontinued. We have replaced it with Power Sonic 12v 18ahr Sealed AGM Battery. This is a superior quality product at a similar price.

Synergy 12V 18Ahr AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery. The Deep Cycle range of Mr Positive products are available in a wide range of specifications and can be used in mobility, golf carts, wheelchairs, lawnmowers and portable power.


Electric Tools
Lawn Mowers
Gold Carts
Electric Toys
Fire Alarms
Portable Power
Medical Equipment


Voltage: 12V
Capacity (10 Hr): 18.0 Ahr
Max Discharge Current: 270A
Length: 183mm
Width: 78mm
Height: 168mm
Weight: 6.2 kg
Terminal: T6

Rated Capacity

20hr: 19.3 AH/0.965A
10hr: 18.0 AH/1.8A
5hr: 15.8 AH/3.16A
3hr: 14.3 AH/4.77A
1hr: 11.6 AH/11.6A


SKU AC12-18
Model # AC12-18


24 Month Manufacturer Warranty (when used in float applications)
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty (when used in cyclic applications)
6 Months Manufacturer Warranty (when used in golf trundlers)

The warranty is void if damage is due to:

- Excessive discharging of a non cyclic battery.
- Incorrect charging practices or using incorrect battery charger to match battery type.
- Excessive heat damage.
- Excessive load placed on small capacity battery.
- The battery being used for purposes other than what it is clearly labelled and designed for.

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