Suntellite 50w Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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Suntellite Polycrystalline panels suitable for harsh NZ conditions. Our range of Suntellite Polycrystalline modules are available in a wide range of power ratings to suit most DIY renewable energy applications. Suitable for campervans and RV, sheds and huts, holiday homes and much more.


0-+3% positive tolerance for mainstream products
Withstand wind loads and snow loads (5400Pa)
Anti-reflective highly transparent, low iron tempered glass
Transmission rate 3.18%
5 year mechanical warranty


Max Power (Pmax) 50wp
Optimum Operating Voltage: (Vm): 17.21Vm
Optimum Operating Current (lm): 2.91a
Open Circuit Voltage: (Voc): 21.94v
Short-circuit Current (Isc): 3.12a
Cell Efficiency: 17.10%
Module Efficiency: 15.37%
Solar Cell: Poly-crystalline
Output Tolerance (Pmax): 0-3%
Temperature Cycling Range:40-85 Degrees Celsius
NOCT: 47+/-2 Degrees Celsius
Temperature Coefficients of ISC: +(0.053+/-0.01)%/K
Temperature Coefficients of Voc: -(0.35+/-0.01)%/K
Temperature Coefficients of Pmax: -(0.40+/-0.05)%/K
Dimensions (HxWxD): 670mm x 540mm x 20mm



5 ear mechanical warranty
25 year linear warranty to 70% power output

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