Steca Solsum 8.8F PWM 12/24v 8a Solar Regulator with LVD

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Steca is a brand renowned for their reliability, quality and ease of use. The Steca Solsum series continues the companies the companies brand ethos as the one of the most relied on solar controllers in small to medium DIY solar installations.

Compatible with both 12v and 24v systems, the Steca Solsum is an excellent choice for RV, motorhome, huts and sheds. Available in either 6a and 8a version with simple LED interface and large screw terminals for super quick installation.


Series controller
Voltage regulation
Automatic detection of voltage (12 or 24v)
PWM control
Multistage charging technology
Current compensated load disconnection
Automatic load reconnection
Temperature compensation
Common positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal
Monthly maintenance charge


System voltage: 12v / 24v
Power Consumption: < 4 mA
Open Circuit Voltage Solar Module: < 47 V
Module Current: 8a
Load Current: 8a
End of Charge Voltage: 13.9 V (27.8 V)
Boost Charge Voltage: 14.4 V (28.8 V)
Reconnection Voltage 12v (LVR): 12.4v-12.7v
Reconnection Voltage 24v (LVR): 24.8v-25.4v
Deep Discharge Protection (LVD) 12v: 11.2v-11.6v
Deep Discharge Protection (LVD) 24v: 22.4v-23.2v
Ambient temperature -25-50 Degrees Celsius
Terminal: 4 mm2 / 6 mm2 - AWG 12 / 9
Dimensions (X x Y x Z): 145 x 100 x 30 mm
Weight Approx: 150g

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # 8.8F
Barcode # 4250852801065


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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