Sentry 6v 245ah Deep Cycle Battery

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Sentry Deep Cycle and Golf Cart Batteries are manufactured with thicker paste and 4BS (Tetra Based Lead Sulphate) to increase the cycle life and maximise the capacity. This unique deep cycle batteries are available in 6v and 12v variation with high capacities. Suitable for mobile cranes, scissor lifts, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, forklifts and more.


Case / Lid – Less weight, shock-resistant and acid-resistant by PP resin and specially designed structure to prevent short-circuit from active-material shedding in the bottom
Terminal – Casted with special lead alloy and special plating to minimise heat generation and electric resistance.
Designed to vibration resistance
Easy detachable with standard & Bolt/Nut Structure
Cap – Engineering structure to vent gas out
Easy to refill and maintenance
Separator – Porous Rubber material against acid and corrosion
Excellent physical characteristics and lower electric resistance
Using micro-fibre Glass-mat against active-material shedding
Plates – Negative to 99.9% pure lead with hard paste feature, specific additives for deep cycle purpose
Positive Corrosion – resistant grid with hard paste feature, specific additives for deep cycle purpose


Voltage: 6v
Capacity 20hr: 245
Capacity at 25amps: 530 minutes
Length: 264mm
Width: 181mm
Height: 265mm
Max Height (inc terminal): 298mm
Weight: 33kg
Battery Type: Flooded Lead Acid


Model # GC2145


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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