If you love everything RC, the chances are you mow your way through a fair amount of batteries and consumables. With that in mind, and understanding that many of you rely on old MR P for all your RC batteries, Lipo chargers and miscellaneous plugs and adaptors. We thought it was about time to reward you, our loyal RC customers, with preferential pricing and exclusive offers.

Join The Club!

If you have spent $100 on lipo batteries, chargers or general RC consumables at Mr Positive in the past, you qualify to join the Mr Positive RC Club. As easy as that!

All you need to do is contact us and provide a previous order number or contact details. If you meet our $100 minimum spend we will upgrade your account to Mr Positive RC Club. If you have bought a single 5000mah-ish Lipo battery or any of our iChargers in the past, you have already exceeded the $100 minimum.

What Benefits Does It Bring?

Minimum 10% of all RC Batteries, Chargers, Connectors, Adaptors and more. Plus, exclusive offers and promotions on RC based products.

The Fine Print

The 10% discount is not retrospective. It will only apply to any future purchases you make if you qualify to join the club.

If you have not spent $100 in RC Batteries, Chargers or consumables in the past, your account will become active after your first $100 is spent. After your first purchase, make sure you create an account and get in touch so we can activate your membership.

You have to have a MR Positive account to be able to participate in this program. The reason for this is that discounts are only visible after your login to our website. Creating the account requires the exact same info and takes the same amount of time as you would have used to make a purchase. Therefore, it is definitely worth doing!

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