Everybody likes something for nothing! It helps when it’s something useful and used every day.

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This offer does not apply for any DG class products like our Automotive, Marine and other bulk items. The reason for this is that these items are shipped from a different location.

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Below you will find a couple of super specials to help nudge you in the right direction. More of our specials are HERE

EFest LUC Blu4 LCD and Bluetooth 4 Slot Li-Ion Battery Charger
On Sale 24% OFF RRP $68.00
iCharger X6 Super Compact 800w DC Battery Charger
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Victor 70C 3 5/6 Digit Digital Multimeter With USB
On Sale 14% OFF RRP $99.00
Voltaic Array Solar Backpack for Tablets and Laptops
On Sale 10% OFF RRP $587.00