Projecta Charge N Maintain AC150 12v 950ma 2 Stage Car Battery Charger

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Perfectly suited for the home handyman, the AC150 is ideal for maintaining infrequently used vehicles such as motorcycles, jet skis and ride on mowers.

The Projecta range of charge 'n" maintain battery chargers are fully automatic and can be left connected to the battery indefinitely. Providing a float charge to the battery and maintaining it at 100% charge state. Ideal inexpensive solution for recreational or season vehicles.

All Projecta Charge 'n' Maintain chargers feature thermal overload protection as well as reveres polarity protection.

Why would you chose this product?

Projecta's AC150 is a reliable and very sharply priced charger ideally suited for charging small batteries found in motorbikes as well as maintenance charging (not from flat) larger batteries. Ideal inexpensive, easy to use, set and forget solution for maintaining infrequently used vehicles that suffer from flat batteries, such as weekend only classic cards, bikes and water sports. This charger can be left connected to the battery permanently. Keeping battery at optimum charge state until it is time to use the vehicle again.


Type: Automatic 2 Stage
Input: 240v AC, 50Hz, 0.09a / 17w
Output Voltage (Nominal): 12v
Output Current (Continuous): 900mA at 12v
Battery Range: 100-350ccA, 150-400mcA, 7-24ah
Minimum Start Voltage: 5v
Charge Control: 14.2v (Cut Out), 13.4v (Cut In)
Size: 56 x 85 x 95mm
Weight: 0.75 Kg


Model # AC150
Barcode # 9315219150127


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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