Projecta 8 Stage 6-24v 3-40a Work Shop Battery Charger and Battery Management System

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Projecta presents an evolution in vehicle battery maintenance. The HDBM4000 is your complete workshop battery manager: an all-in-one solution for testing, charging and maintaining batteries of multiple chemistries and voltages, including stop/start batteries found in modern vehicles. Unlike conventional 40A workshop chargers, the unit is very light and compact with a tough housing and long 3 metre leads.

Simple to use, upon connection HDBM4000 will automatically set an ideal charge rate (3–40A), also manually adjustable. With multi-chemistry battery selection, including a cold temperature mode, the advanced 8 stage charging program can rejuvenate sulphated batteries and remove acid stratification from calcium batteries, ensuring a full charge and optimum battery condition.

More than just a battery charger, HDBM4000 will analyse overall battery condition, testing charge level and starting capacity, plus a test for alternator faults. As a power supply, it can deliver clean and stabilised power during diagnostics testing to ensure stable and accurate readings. During battery replacement, a constant voltage is maintained to ensure vehicle memory settings are retained.

A clever engine start mode will deliver a short and powerful charge that can have a vehicle ready to start in 5 minutes, whilst a show room mode allows the unit to operate silently, ideal for night-time and show room environments. Accessories such as the wall mount allow for neat storage and convenient access near a vehicle hoist, whilst optional 6 and 10 metre leads provide extended reach in the workshop.

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # HDBM4000
Barcode # 9315219400000


24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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